Why Ice Cold Air ® Discount Auto Repair?

Ice Cold Air ® Discount Auto Repair has franchising opportunities for anyone who has ever thought:
  • I have what it takes to run a profitable franchise.
  • I value and respect my customers.
  • I know how to build a team of qualified, trained professionals.
  • I know how important it is to do the job right the first time, and in a timely manner.
  • I want to have the backing and support of a corporation with a reputation like Ice Cold Air.
  • I want the flexibility of various available locations.
  • If you have ever found yourself saying any of the above, contact us today!
It’s EASIER Than You Think and CHEAPER Than You Think!
  • Low Up Front Fees
  • Financing Plans Available
  • Equipment Lease or Purchase Options
  • Proven Income!
  • THE Most Reasonable Franchise Opportunity
  • Be Your Own Boss!
  • No Experience Necessary- That Is Why You Have US!
Benefits At A Glance
  • Growing Industry-Recession Resistant
  • Experts in High Demand Niche of Auto Repair
  • Superior Customer Service Expectations
  • Training and Support
  • Continued Education
  • Peer Support
  • Family Friendly Business Hours (5.5 days/week)

The Growth of Auto Repair

Consumers Keeping Cars Longer

“Drivers just aren’t buying new cars like they used to. Last year, the vast majority of car owners said they planned on hanging onto their current vehicles for at least 50,000 more miles than their previous automobiles. Especially high auto prices over the past several months have also caused would-be car buyers to hold off on making purchases until better deals arrive… The trend has meant that while most businesses have struggled through the past few years, auto repair shops have never been busier.”-       Business.time.com, September 19th 2011

 Shift Toward Independent Repair

“The NDP Group has also reported that the consumer shift away from new car dealerships will continue when it comes to having their cars and light trucks serviced. According to Consumer Reports, car owners still put their faith in the independent repair shop. 83 percent of those polled said they had complete confidence in their independent repair shop when it came to getting the right maintenance and repair at the right price. Another Consumer Reports survey indicated more than half of those polled had complete trust in their shop. Independent repair shops are, and have been, the preferred choice of the motoring public.”-       Eliteworldwide.com, March 1st, 2013

 Car Count in Auto Repair on the Rise

“According to the Franchise Business Economic Outlook 2011, automotive franchise establishments are expected to increase 3.9% from the previous year. General automotive industry trends and an improving economy are revealing opportunities for anyone with a passion in the auto industry to get involved.” –       Franchisehelp.com,  January 2013

 The Future of the Automotive Industry

“The automobile industry is not going anywhere soon. As the trends in the automotive industry continue, there exists both old and new opportunities available for those interested in franchising to get involved. Car maintenance, repairs, and body services are regularly going to be in demand regardless of whether people prefer to buy new cars or keep their old ones.” –       Franchisehelp.com,  January 2013

Industry Data from the 2009 Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association Fact Book:

  • 2007 U.S. automotive aftermarket grows 4.0% to $285.5 billion with additional growth anticipated for 2008 of approximately 1.8%
  • The Do It For Me (DIFM) market increases to nearly $150 billion
  • Average age of a vehicle reaches 10.4 years old

2009 Lang Report and Lang marketing data:

  • Although the Do It For Me (DIFM) market soared by $15 billion from 1998 to 2008, the automotive repair industry has yet to catch up
  • The average number of U.S. vehicles per service bay has increased from 160 cars per bay in 1998 to over 200 cars per in 2008
  • 2,000 automotive dealerships closed their doors in 2009 reducing the number of service bays by an additional 30,000 which will result in the increase of vehicles to service bay ratio

Leader in Air Conditioning

Just read our History and you will quickly realize that we have been the industry leaders in automotive air conditioning for many years. It’s not only in our name but in our blood! As the experts, our customers trust in us to service their air conditioning and provide them relief from the hot Florida weather.

We provide training and resources to ensure our team has the latest knowledge and technology to stay ahead in this industry and remain the experts.

More than Just Air Conditioning

In our long history, Ice Cold Air ® has continually added more services to provide full auto repair to our customers. Our customers can count on us to provide them more than just air conditioning repairs at the discount prices they have come to expect. By providing a full range of services, we build relationships with our customers that continue for many years.

Superior Customer Service

We are thrilled to have a 97.8% customer satisfaction rating!*

We pride ourselves in ensuring our customers leave our facilities with a smile and a “WOW”. We send out a satisfaction survey to every customer to make certain that is happening at every location. Although we cannot guarantee that every customer will leave with a “WOW”, our 97.8% customer satisfaction rating illustrates how important this is to us. Visit our Testimonials page to read what our customers have to say.

Ice Cold Air ® franchisees understand the importance of customer satisfaction and their dedication is illustrated in our superior customer satisfaction rating.

*based on submitted customer surveys from 1/2010 to 2/2013

Training and Support

You are Not Alone! Owning an Ice Cold Air ® franchise means you have the backing of a strong experienced support team.  The Small Business Administration states that 33% of all new businesses will fail in the first year and 50% will fail in the first five years. However, franchise businesses have a 60% higher success rate than independents.  At Ice Cold Air ® Discount Auto Repair we feel strongly that having a community as well as support and training are all key components to a successful business relationship. Explore the various training and support programs below for more information.

Multi-Level Training

Ice Cold Air ® Discount Auto Repair offers multi-level franchise support. Our proven system of training will give you an opportunity to gather all of the tools needed to run a successful franchise.

  • Start-Up: Step By Step Guide to what you need to get started owning a business
  • Observation: Learn from an already successful operator in an existing franchised location
  • Hands-On: Team support in your store during the initial transition
  • On-Going Individual Coaching (Unlimited)

Continuing Education

We provide continuing education to start-up franchisees as well as experienced franchise owners.

First-year franchisees attend a Communications Training that focuses on the importance of communications and relationship building with customers, peers and employees. It is so beneficial that many of our franchisees remain in the training course far past the initial year.

Sales Clinics offer a focused training spotlighting a specific repair or service. These concentrated trainings allow you to work on an area that you may find challenging.

Roundtable Trainings assemble the entire company in one room for a brainstorming training session. This format promotes team building, candid feedback, peer support and idea generation in a safe environment with a ‘team’ atmosphere.

Full Access Support

Ice Cold Air ® Discount Auto Repair includes not only initial training but unlimited support regardless of how long you have been a franchisee. Our support team is available to answer your questions or give you direction by simply placing a call or sending an email. We pride ourselves on the quick response time and in many cases it is immediate. Support is always available in-store to provide coaching and training in your environment.

Recruitment Support

Building a successful team can be challenging, but Ice Cold Air ® has a proven track record of finding exceptional team members. Our support team can offer assistance or direction in with such tasks as finding employees, interviewing candidates, or making staffing changes.

Peer Support

What makes Ice Cold Air ® Discount Auto Repair really unique is the Peer Support within our organization. Our franchisees and managers communicate regularly and it is not uncommon for shop personnel to call another location for assistance. It has often been said that being a business owner is lonely, but not in Ice Cold Air ®. This ‘team’ atmosphere promotes a beneficial environment that allows for continued growth within the organization and a sense of community.

Marketing Support

Ice Cold Air® Discount Auto Repair provides marketing support targeted toward customer attraction and customer retention. Our marketing program is a multi-faceted approach that includes all areas of available marketing solutions. Franchisees are provided a full menu of marketing options.

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